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We are an exclusive members only club that together are raising awareness for Mental Health.  We are formed from all backgrounds. Some military and some civilians. But we are all fighting the same battle here.

Everyone has their own issues and demons they battle on a daily basis and sometimes the only release or escape you can get is that time in the gym, pushing yourself to your limit. But we want more from you.
We know that not everyone is at the same level of fitness to the person you’re stood next to in the gym. That’s not what this is about. This is about pushing yourself to your absolute breaking point physically, and building that mental strength to keep going. Longer. Harder. Faster. Whatever it may be. This isn’t a competition. The only competitor here is you against yourself. All we are trying to achieve is a change in mindset, so you can prove to yourself that you can still keep going when your body wants to quit. We need to refocus our thought process into a "can do" attitude, and break down those imaginary physical boundaries using our mental strength to push us on. Your mind is a very powerful tool, and if it is used to its full potential your body will follow.  If you have the correct State of Mind, anything is possible. With the correct focus and drive you can reach another level of strength, both mentally and physically.

This is a non-profit members only club that is here as a support network to help each other as well as raise money for Mental Health charities. We are doing this through the sale of merchandise like T-shirt’s and Hoodies. But you need to prove that you’ve earned that place in the club, and earned that clothing by completing one of our challenges/circuits, showing us you pushed yourself past what your body wanted to go to. Using that mental strength to exceed your own physical boundaries that your mind and body puts up. If our circuits or challenges aren't suitable, please feel free to do something of your own ability but show us that you had the mental focus and drive to exceed what you would normally achieve. It is very easy to get stuck in a "comfort zone" and we need you out of it.

We need to make sure people know that “It is ok, to not be ok”. There is a "Contact" page on this website that gives you the option to contact us if you would like to talk with one of our professionals we have on board.

This isn’t just about mental health and fitness. We are trying to help people and provide that release from the mental worries people go through daily and fight off mental health issues people have. And we can become so much more. Together as one, as a club, a community and a support network people can rely on. This is by no means a cure. It is a simply a coping mechanism we have all found that works. We can win these battles together. So get involved.

Own that workout. Earn that T-shirt. Wear it with pride. Know you have made a difference.

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