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Its a State of Mind

I was brought up and moulded into this belief system that the Royal Marines portray.  The statement on all their ad campaigns and recruitments drives from around the time I joined up. 

"99.9% Need Not Apply"

That statement still rings true for them to this day.  It is a brotherhood like no other and formed around some of the hardest military basic training on the planet. They break you down both physically and mentally and then build you back up into the Commando they want and need you to it makes sense that only the few survive the arduous training and mental torture you are put through, to finally earn and wear that coveted Green Beret we all sought, and trust me it was no easy task.  Only 6 out of the original 52 that joined passed my basic training course.

But, it was the second advertising campaign I seen that truly caught my attention and pushed me through to that finish line.

"It's a State of Mind"

And that's the base on which this club is founded.  I got through that training because my mental strength pushed me past my limits and enabled my body to do things I never knew it was capable of doing.  Now ten years after leaving I still carry that belief in me and I am probably fitter, stronger and healthier than I ever was as a Royal Marines Commando. It is a state of mind. Life, happiness, your fitness level and everything in between simply boils down to your mental state and mindset. With the right mindset and attitude you can achieve greatness in yourself you never knew existed and more importantly, you can also achieve a peace and calm in your mind that we all need.

The 99.9% rule does not apply in this club but your state of mind certainly does. It is only by breaking down those mental barriers and powering through to another level in yourself that you will start to see and feel the results of true mental strength.  If that is not through fitness or this club, then you should certainly find something to push your physical and mental boundaries similarly. Whatever it is you find that works for you.

This is a "100% should apply" club. This is the club you tell all your friends about and get everyone to join in and earn their place amongst us here.  Come and push yourself.  Enable us to then push you past your own physical limits and build that mental strength to keep going.

All we are trying to do here is help people. We are trying to show people that there is another way, and you can see tomorrow and the next day clearer with the right mindset and attitude. We have helped so many already. Help us help more. What have you got to lose? Join in, get fit and push your physical and mental boundaries to the limit and come out stronger on both fronts at the other end. Together as a club, as one....we can achieve great things.  There is no better peace to be found than knowing you have helped other people. If we can save just one person or change just one mindset into something positive for change. Then its all been worth it.

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